Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today some of the other class members showed us their cool blogs and all the neat things that you can put on them! I really liked the slide show feature and am going to try that on mine so I can put more pictures in less of a space! All for that! We get the rest of the week and into next week to work on our own, so hopefully I can get busy on the Webquest assignment. It is a little overwhelming! I also had a math test today! Yuck! Hopefully, I didn't do too bad!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey! Survived the weekend! It was great to be in the mountains! So nice and cool and the smell of pine trees...... back to the grind of work and school now! We talked in class this morning about adding music to our blogs and how to do it. And if you look all the way to the bottom.......I figured it out! Yea! I have also been going through the lesson plans on UEN to pick a lesson for my webquest. It is hard to choose one that will work using it on the web! I think so anyway! We also learned about Bookmarking and some different sights for that like delicious.com. We are supposed to set up an account there so I guess that is on my agenda for today! :)